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Dentures in Toms River, NJ

Why Get Dentures?

Aside from chewing your food, your teeth perform several functions, one of which is to maintain the proper structure of your jaw. When you lose teeth, your facial structure can change and you may have difficulty speaking and chewing; you may also begin to lose self-confidence because of your missing teeth.

Dentures are the solution to missing teeth and are available in several different styles. Our dentists will evaluate your needs and your dental situation and help you select the option that will best suit your needs and preferences.

What Options are Available?

Partial or Full Dentures

Full or partial dentures are available and will replace some or all of your natural teeth. Both types are custom-fitted to your mouth and are composed of a base, which is made of plastic-coated metal, and the teeth, which are made of resin.

You may opt to have all of your teeth removed and a full set of dentures made, in which case, all of your teeth will be extracted and you’ll receive a set of temporaries. After your gums have completely healed, you’ll be fitted with a permanent set of dentures. The permanent dentures will rest on your gums and two options are available: a full denture that is removable, or a fixed full denture, which will be held in place by implants.

If you choose to keep your healthy teeth, you can use a bridge to replace missing teeth. A bridge is permanently affixed to adjacent teeth. Alternatively, you have the option to use a partial denture, which clasps onto adjacent teeth but can be removed, unlike a bridge.

Flexible Partial Dentures

A flexible partial denture is removable and is attached to your natural teeth by precision attachments.

Implant-Supported Denture

An implant-supported denture is held in place by implants and the number of implants will vary depending on the individual. Typically, this type of denture is for the lower jaw only and must be removed and cleaned each night.

All-on-Four Dentures

This style of denture provides the most natural style and feel and is comparable to your natural teeth. Four dental implants are permanently installed in your lower jaw and your denture is permanently attached to them.

How Do I Get Dentures?

There are several steps to this procedure and they vary depending on the option you select. Usually, the dentist takes one or more impressions of your teeth along with detailed measurements. This is essential in order for your new dentures to fit properly. Teeth are extracted as necessary and a temporary dental appliance supplied. Implants will be replaced as necessary, and once the new denture is ready, it will be installed and adjusted for a comfortable fit.

What Will My Dentures Cost?

The cost of your affordable quality dentures will vary depending on the style selected and the amount of work needed. The type of material chosen will also affect the price of your new teeth.

Our staff of highly trained dentists can help you determine the best procedure and appliances for your needs, so call our office today and schedule a free consultation. We can help you get your dentures in Toms River and return your beautiful smile.

What is a Soft Denture Reline?

A soft reline uses material that will remain pliable for as long as two years, thus eliminating some of the discomfort that a denture can occasionally cause. If you need to have new dentures in Toms River, then call our office today. Our dedicated staff wants to provide you with new affordable quality dentures and a dazzling smile. Call us today and let us help you get started.

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Peggy R.
As usual ALL WAS GOOD. Everyone pleasant and friendly.
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Everyone in the office is always courteous and kind and always greet you with a smile the doctors and the staff are very nice and caring always makes you feel comfortable
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Friendly and efficient front desk. Dr. Aiello is the best! Always listens to your concerns and is very accommodating to your needs.
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There are so kind and always answer my questions. I just got my Invisalign today and I love it. Their the best !!
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I have been going to this location for almost 5 years. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My hygienist is awesome! She always makes me feel comfortable and truly cares. I’m so glad I found a […]
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We have been using Garden State Dental for several years now and are very happy with the service they provide. My daughter just got her braces off and we are pleased with the results, thank you Dr. […]
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Staff is always friendly ! I’ve been coming here for many years and can’t imagine going anywhere else !
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All of the staff are pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. They are very professional and friendly. I have never had an issue at the office.
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I am a new client to Garden State Dental due to insurance change and I am so happy I made the switch! All the staff is friendly and inviting to the office. My hygienist Cassie in particular was the […]
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I was extremely greatful that they could fit me in for an emergency visit! The dr and staff were very very nice and explained everything very well!!
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Cassandra is very friendly and easy to talk with, she is a professional on all levels. Overall great experience.
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Everyone from the front desk to the dental hygienist to the dentist were very informative and professional. I am very glad I chose Garden StateDental as my dentist.
Kevin D.
The office is well located, clean, and the staff is very friendly!
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As always it was good.. the staff is very pleasant & make you feel comfortable
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