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Tooth Sensitivity in Northern New Jersey

A tooth twinge from something hot or cold, even cold air, may mean you have sensitive teeth. Imagine sitting at a café with your friends on a hot summer day. You all order iced tea, but you have to order one without ice and make sure it isn’t too cold before you drink it. You’re missing out on some of…

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Taking Care of Your Smile in Northern New Jersey

If you want to improve the overall quality of your life, it’s important that you smile! While it may seem simple, smiling helps you appear more confident and approachable. It can also have a positive impact on your mental health and physical well-being. Taking good care of your smile will ensure that you feel comfortable doing it as much as…

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Affordable Smile Makeover Options in Northern New Jersey

Little things can make a big difference in your overall outlook and your confidence in your appearance. A smile makeover in Northern New Jersey could be the perfect way to boost your self-esteem and your confidence when meeting new people or interacting with friends, colleagues, and family members. The dentists at Garden State Dental can perform cosmetic procedures that will whiten your teeth, fill…

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Your First Time at Garden State Dental in Northern New Jersey

Whether you are new to the Northern New Jersey area or just need to make a change, Garden State Dental is a friendly, professional dentist office that you’re going to love. We understand that feeling apprehensive is a normal part of visiting the dentist, but we will do our best to allay your worries. A warm welcome from our kind and caring reception…

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What Happens During a First Visit with the Dentist?

There’s no need to be anxious when you are visiting Garden State Dental in Northern New Jersey for the very first time. It’s natural to feel nervous, so we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable. Our friendly staff members will welcome you warmly as soon as you come inside. From there, you will find out throughout your appointment how much…

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10 Ways to Improve Your Smile

Good dental hygiene habits are among the most important ways that you can take care of your smile and improve your appearance. At Garden State Dental, we deliver the right dental services in Northern New Jersey for all our patients. From cosmetic procedures to whiten your teeth to orthodontics for straighter and more attractive smiles, our dentists are here to help you make the…

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Protecting Yourself From Oral Cancer

Oral cancer strikes approximately 50,000 people in the United States each year. And, of those diagnosed with the condition, only about half will survive the next five years. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Oral cancer can be prevented. And, with early detection, it can be treated. All you need to do to protect yourself from oral cancer…

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October Is National Dental Hygiene Month

When you think about your favorite month, which one comes to mind? For a number of individuals, it’s October. The cool temperatures bring relief from the hot summer, and Halloween is always a fun time to dress up with friends. However, the dental community loves October as well, but not because the increase in candy consumption means that more people…

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Gum Care Awareness Month

September Is Gum Care Awareness Month  Doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to celebrate, does it? However, good gum health is as important to your good physical health as eating right, exercising, and annual doctor visits. Poor gum health is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults who are 35 and older. Poor gum health starts with poor…

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Emergency Dentist in Northern New Jersey

If you have a dental emergency, you’re probably in considerable pain and don’t know whom to call. It can help to have a list of emergency preparedness numbers handy to minimize your stress level. However, you may be unsure if you have an after-hours emergency or if it can wait until regular business hours. If you need the number of…

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