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new patient dental visit

Your First Time at Garden State Dental in Northern New Jersey

new patient dental visit

Whether you are new to the Northern New Jersey area or just need to make a change, Garden State Dental is a friendly, professional dentist office that you’re going to love. We understand that feeling apprehensive is a normal part of visiting the dentist, but we will do our best to allay your worries. A warm welcome from our kind and caring reception staff will be your first introduction to our unique office environment. Once you meet the dentist and the rest of the staff, you will know you’ve made the right decision in choosing a Northern New Jersey dental provider.

The Start of a Great Relationship

On your first appointment at Garden State Dental, there will be some forms to fill out. We ask for the information we need to create your personal patient record. If you have already filled in the forms online, that will be a great time-saver, but we are happy to take the time to help you do this in person, if you prefer. The kind of information we need includes:

  • Contact information for your previous dentist
  • Your name, address, phone number and email
  • Information about your dental insurance, if applicable
  • Your pertinent medical history
  • A name and how to get in touch with your designated emergency contact
  • A list with the names and dosages of your current medications

Once this recordkeeping is finished, you will never have to provide it to us again, unless there is a change such as a new address. Now that you have a patient record, you’re in. Now, all you have to do is sink into one of the comfy chairs in the waiting room until we call you back for your exam.

The Exam Room: What to Expect

A dental assistant will escort you to the examination room. It’s a bright, sparkling clean area with a dental chair, a seat for the dentist, and an array of sterile instruments for your exam. As you get seated comfortably in the chair, the assistant will provide a paper bib to protect your clothing and protective eyewear, if applicable. This is primarily to shield your eyes from the bright exam light.

Next, a few staff members may drop by to introduce themselves and say hello. It’s always a fun time, and meeting them helps you feel cared for and at home. The hygienist often stops by prior to the dentist’s arrival to take a quick look at your teeth and gums. The hygienist can then give the dentist a heads-up on any visible issues. You will be seeing the hygienist soon for teeth cleaning, so it’s good to meet beforehand.

If you have a set of recent X-rays from your prior dental office in the Northern New Jersey area or beyond, we can refer to those during your exam. If not, we will take new X-rays to use for diagnostic purposes.

The dentist’s arrival is another opportunity to get acquainted with what our office is all about. A warm, friendly greeting and a short chat will put you at ease while the exam begins.

Expect the dentist to check the following during your initial exam:

  • Your gums health: are there red or irritated spots?
  • Your gum pockets: are they within a healthy depth measurement, or are they receding?
  • Your teeth: are there any cracks, chips, or decay?
  • Your bite: do your upper and lower sets align, and are your jaws in proper alignment?

As the exam progresses, the dentist will be checking your X-rays to identify hidden decay or damage. Typically, a dental assistant will enter the information from the dentist into your chart.

Your Options for Treatment

After the exam, the dentist will discuss the findings and, if you need treatment, the options. Whether you only need a filling or whether it is something more complex like a bridge, the dentist will explain the procedure in detail. You can ask questions now or at any time. We know that looking forward to treatment can be like facing a great unknown, so we want to dispel the mystery. With a clear understanding of your treatment, you will be more comfortable and confident as we move forward.

However, we typically do not begin treatment during an initial exam. If scheduling allows, you may get your teeth cleaned during your first visit. More often, you will set a separate day for that essential process.

Brightening Up Your Smile

You should have your teeth cleaned regularly – typically twice per year – to maintain a healthy, sparkling smile. During your cleaning session at Garden State Dental, the hygienist will go to work to remove plaque and tartar that naturally builds up on your teeth. Specialized dental tools reach hard-to-access places such as between your teeth and behind your molars. Using a probe, a scraper and a rotary polishing tool, the hygienist makes sure to get your mouth and gums as clean as possible.

After removing any left-over bits between your teeth with dental floss, the hygienist will turn on the polishing tool, which makes a pleasant humming sound. With the help of a special gritty toothpaste, it polishes the surfaces of each tooth to a smooth shimmer. Once finished, the hygienist will squirt water into your mouth all around and remove it – plus any remaining bits – with a small vacuum tool.

When you leave our Northern New Jersey office, you may realize you can’t stop smiling. That’s exactly the effect we hope to achieve each time you visit Garden State Dental.

Options to Suit Your Busy Lifestyle

We understand that life happens. Should you need to reschedule an appointment, ask a question, or confirm the date of your next visit, we offer options that make life easier. We make it simple to get in touch with online scheduling, appointments by phone, and mobile scheduling.

At Garden State Dental, we are here for you in the event of a dental emergency. Contact us immediately and we will get you in or refer you to one of our dental partners to see you get immediate care.

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