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Have crowded, crooked or otherwise misaligned teeth made you feel less confident? Have you ever wondered what’s possible with braces in Northern New Jersey? The advantages of a straighter smile are more than just cosmetic — aligning your teeth can improve your ability to speak, chew, brush your teeth and floss. Orthodontic treatment can also help alleviate gum disease and prevent further jaw problems.

Available in multiple styles, our affordable orthodontics are an effective solution for a variety of alignment issues. Plus, patients of all ages can get braces — it’s never too late to achieve a great smile. Schedule an appointment today to see what’s possible.

Where Can You Get Braces?

If you’ve been wondering what getting braces is like, consulting with an experienced dentist is an important first step. Our dentists are here to help you feel comfortable every step of the way, answering your questions about treatment and cost and ensuring you feel comfortable during follow-up visits. We know that every patient is unique, so we create customized care plans that address your concerns and help you achieve the attractive, aligned smile you’ve always dreamed about.

How Is Getting Orthodontics for the First Time?

When it comes to metal vs. ceramic braces, the procedure for attaching them to the teeth is the same. Dentists typically attach the brackets to the teeth using a special glue that creates a durable hold. Many patients report that the adhesive has an unpleasant taste, but it is completely harmless. The braces dentist attaches the archwire to these brackets, and the whole appliance will be adjusted regularly as treatment progresses.

Different Types of Braces

Braces in Northern New Jersey are available in several styles, but each function similarly — the appliances place pressure on the teeth, slowly moving them into an aligned position. Many patients choose metal braces due to their lower cost and ability to correct crowding, bite problems, and other orthodontic issues. Ceramic appliances are similar to the metal variety, but they’re constructed using tooth-colored materials to achieve a less noticeable look. This type of appliance may be higher in cost.

Invisible braces, sometimes referred to as clear aligners, are another effective way to correct alignment problems. Invisible aligner treatment consists of a series of trays that are switched regularly. They are often unnoticeable when worn and can be removed to eat and drink. Give us a call to find out which option is right for you.

How Can I Get Braces While on a Budget?

If you’re thinking about getting orthodontic treatment, you might wonder if it fits within your family’s budget. In fact, many of our patients ask, “How much do braces cost? Can I afford it?”

Generally, the cost of orthodontics varies based on several factors. What your insurance covers, where you live and how many follow-up visits are necessary will determine the cost. Additionally, the type you choose will factor into your out-of-pocket expenses.

When considering orthodontics, consult with your insurance provider to see what your plan offers. You can also call our office to learn about our flexible financing plans. These plans allow you to pay for braces using monthly payments and are a great option for those without dental insurance. Affordable braces are available, contact us now to learn more.

Do Braces Take a Long Time to Work?

Most patients want to see results as quickly as possible, but achieving a straighter smile in a healthy way is important. Our dentists will examine your teeth and determine what changes are possible and approximately how long it will take. The average patient completes treatment in under two years. More complex cases tend to take longer than milder cases.

When it comes to attaching the braces themselves, the process is typically short, only one to two hours. Some patients experience discomfort after the appointment, which is common. We recommend managing any pain with over-the-counter pain medication. If you experience pain that lasts longer than one week, or discomfort that isn’t manageable with OTC medications, contact our office.

Will I Need a Retainer?

At the end of your treatment, you’ll visit your dentist to have the brackets and wire removed from your teeth. Our dentist will use a special pair of pliers to separate the brackets from each tooth and then remove the archwire from the teeth. This process is pain-free and should take between one to two hours.

The dentist also may recommend a retainer to ensure your smile stays aligned for years to come. These appliances are fitted to your newly aligned teeth and are usually worn while you sleep. Retainers are generally worn for several years after treatment so the underlying bone can “set” in the jaw. Without a retainer, your teeth could shift after treatment. If you have questions about what happens after braces, please contact us.

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