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Resolve Your Dental Pain and Issues by Calling Experienced Emergency Dentists in Northern New Jersey

When you have a damaged or painful tooth, you need treatment as quickly as possible. You can trust our highly skilled team of dental professionals to accurately diagnose the issue and provide the treatment necessary to alleviate your pain and prevent further complications.

Who Offers Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

Emergency dentists provide comprehensive emergency dental care for issues ranging from chipped teeth to painful abscesses during regular business hours.

What Problems Are Considered Dental Emergencies?

The following are just a few of the services available at our clinic:

  • Treatment of wisdom tooth pain
  • Repair and reinforcement of damaged teeth
  • Treatment of infected or decayed teeth
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Treatment of pain and injuries related to orthodontic treatment
  • Repair and replacement of lost or damaged fillings or dental restorations

We make every effort to accommodate emergency cases as quickly as possible with the goal of diagnosing the issue, alleviating the patient’s pain, and determining if any further treatment is needed to protect the affected tooth. If you experience urgent dental issues during business hours, contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dentists.

When Should I Get Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

Are you wondering, “When should I visit an emergency dental office near me?” The following are examples of situations where you should seek emergency dental services to prevent complications or further damage to your teeth:

Broken or Fractured Tooth

Emergency dentists can repair and reinforce your broken or fractured tooth to prevent infection, decay, or breakage.

Knocked-out Tooth

It is often possible to save a knocked-out tooth if you get prompt emergency dental care. Take the following steps if you should experience a knocked-out tooth:

  • Locate the missing tooth if possible.
  • Carefully rinse the tooth with warm water taking care to avoid touching the root.
  • Gently insert the tooth back into the socket if possible.
  • Call our emergency dental office for an appointment and further instructions.

Severe Tooth Pain and Pressure

Severe tooth pain and pressure can be symptoms of many different conditions. Emergency dentists can determine if the issue is dental in nature and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Extreme or Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Minor tooth sensitivity is common and normally does not constitute an emergency. If you are experiencing extreme or increased tooth sensitivity, you should seek emergency dental care since it may be related to an infection or a damaged tooth.

Dental Decay

Dental decay weakens the structure of the tooth, which can lead to breakage. It can also cause agonizing pain if the cavity exposes the nerves inside the tooth.

Abscessed Tooth

If you are experiencing severe pain, swelling of the face and gums, fever, and open or draining sores along the gumline, you may have an abscessed tooth. Emergency dentists can alleviate your pain and treat the infection so that it does not spread.

Lost or Loose Fillings

It is important to repair or replace lost or loose fillings as quickly as possible to prevent pain, infection, or further damage to the tooth.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

Broken crowns and lost restorations can impact the health and stability of your teeth and detract from the beauty of your smile. We can fit you for a temporary or permanent replacement.

Orthodontic Injuries and Pain

Orthodontic injuries and pain are common among patients with metal braces. Emergency dentists can stabilize your orthodontic device and treat your symptoms so that your orthodontic treatment is not delayed.

Worn Tooth Enamel

Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching can lead to worn tooth enamel and make your teeth fragile and prone to decay. Our dentists can protect your teeth from further damage by providing you with a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Unusual Sinus Pressure

Impacted wisdom teeth, infections, and other dental issues can cause unusual sinus pressure in conjunction with tooth pain. Emergency dentists can determine if the cause is dental in nature and recommend the appropriate treatment.

When Should I Go to the Emergency Room or Call 911 for Urgent Dental Care?

You may be wondering, “Should I go to an emergency dental office near me, or would my dental emergency be better handled at an emergency room or by calling 911?” As a general rule, the following types of situations require urgent dental care outside the scope of what we offer at our emergency dental office:

  • severe or traumatic injuries to the jaw, teeth, head, or face;
  • conditions causing sudden or severe swelling of the gums or face; and
  • any injury causing prolonged or severe bleeding.

If you experience any of these situations, you should head to the closest emergency room, call 911, or contact your primary care provider or an oral surgeon.

How Much Do Emergency Dentists in Northern New Jersey Charge?

The cost of emergency dental services varies based on the nature of the issue and the type of treatment required. Once the dentist has assessed your situation, we will provide you with an estimate of your treatment cost. We accept most major dental insurance plans, and we will help you find the treatment option that makes the most of your benefits and limits your out-of-pocket expenses. If you need to spread out your payments, we accept all major credit cards and offer payment and financing plans for qualified patients. You can also save 20% to 70% on emergency and preventative dental care by enrolling in our DentRite® dental discount plan.

Where Can I Go for After-Hours Emergency Dental Treatment?

Emergency dentists in Northern New Jersey are available to diagnose and treat your dental emergency during regular business hours. If you experience a serious injury or are in such pain that you cannot wait until our office is open, we recommend that you seek emergency dental care at your nearest emergency room.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, you can also call 911. If you are unsure about the seriousness of your situation, it is best to get treatment immediately rather than risk complications or further damage by waiting. Call today or book an appointment online.

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