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Your big meeting is hours away, but your impacted wisdom tooth is demanding your full attention. Getting emergency dental care is the only thing on your mind. A dental emergency doesn’t just cause pain and misery. It can affect your long-term dental health if not addressed promptly. When a dental disaster hits, your local emergency dentists can save the day.

Where Do I Look for Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

If you’re seeking emergency dentists in East Brunswick, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled dentists provide comprehensive emergency dental care during our regular office hours. Whether you have a broken tooth or a lost filling, our emergency dental office will schedule an appointment for urgent treatment and get you back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. Besides diagnosing your condition, we’ll relieve your pain and make sure that the root cause of your problem is resolved.

The Role of Emergency Dental Services

Without access to emergency dental services, many patients would have to wait for days to get relief from their painful symptoms, and minor problems could become more serious due to the delay. Our urgent care services ensure that you get proper treatment of potentially serious problems as well as the relief that you so desperately need. Here are a few urgent dental care services that we provide during our normal operating hours:

  • Toothache treatment and pain relief
  • Management of impacted wisdom teeth symptoms
  • Enamel repair for chips and cracks
  • Replacement of lost fillings or crowns
  • Treatment of abscesses and other dental infections
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Management of orthodontic discomfort and injuries

When Is It Time to Get Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

If your dental condition is causing pain, disrupting your normal functioning, or posing a threat to your overall dental health, it’s time to get emergency dental care. Listed below are a few situations and conditions that our providers can address.

Tooth Fractures and Broken Teeth

A fractured or broken tooth is more vulnerable to decay and can be painful. Cover any sharp edges with dental wax, and contact us to schedule an emergency consultation.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a knocked-out tooth can be frightening, but quick and careful action on your part can give our emergency dentists the best possible chances of saving the tooth. Here are a few tips:

  • Locate all pieces of the tooth.
  • Don’t touch the root of your tooth. Handle it by the crown.
  • Use warm water to rinse away any debris.
  • Try to put the tooth back into its socket. If this doesn’t work or is painful, place it into your cheek or store it in a glass of milk.
  • Call us immediately for more specific instructions.

Severe Toothache

Severe tooth pain has many causes, and some can be serious. If you have a toothache that is accompanied by ear pain, fever, pressure sensations, or swelling, contact us immediately.

Unusual or Unexplained Tooth Sensitivity

If a formerly normal tooth suddenly becomes sensitive or your sensitivity increases for no apparent reason, you may have a tooth injury such as a fracture or an infection. Seek urgent dental care to discover the cause of unusual tooth sensitivity.

Dental Decay or Cavities

As dental decay progresses, nerve tissues become exposed and pain or sensitivity develops. Our emergency dentists can relieve the pain caused by deep cavities and determine the best solution for restoring your tooth.

Abscessed Tooth

A bacterial infection in the tooth root or the space between teeth is typically the cause of an abscessed tooth, which is a serious condition that can lead to complications if not treated promptly. Symptoms include severe toothache or sensitivity, fever, facial swelling, bad breath, swollen glands, and draining, open sores. Contact our emergency dental office without delay if you develop symptoms of a dental abscess.

Lost or Loose Fillings

When you lose a filling or it becomes loose, your tooth is at higher risk of decay and physical damage. Call us to schedule a filling replacement as soon as you can.

Lost or Broken Crowns and Restorations

Lost or damaged crowns and restorations leave gaps in your smile and endanger the health of affected teeth. Our emergency dentists can help by providing permanent or temporary replacements.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

Pain, irritation, and injury caused by metal braces is not unusual. If your orthodontic devices cause pain or other symptoms, we can ease the discomfort and stabilize your braces to prevent further problems.

Excess Enamel Wear Due to Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth while you sleep, your tooth enamel needs special care. We can help reinforce and strengthen damaged enamel and provide tools to help you overcome your nighttime grinding problems.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure can be caused by a cold or a sinus infection, but when there’s no obvious explanation, the problem may have a dental origin. Let our dentists investigate your dental health to reveal or rule out problems that could cause sensations of sinus pressure such as impacted teeth and hidden infections.

Beyond Dental Care: Serious Medical Symptoms

Should I visit the emergency dental office near me after breaking my tooth in a car accident?

Sometimes a dental symptom or condition also involves a serious medical crisis. If you have symptoms that could threaten your general health, you require more intensive medical care than emergency dentists in East Brunswick can give you. Proceed to an emergency room, call your physician or dial 911 if any of the following conditions apply.

  • You’ve suffered a significant impact injury involving your head, face, or jaw.
  • You are experiencing uncontrollable or heavy bleeding.
  • Your face or neck is severely swollen.

Dental Emergency Costs

Our emergency dentists can only estimate your overall cost of emergency dental care after carefully assessing your symptoms and treatment needs. Our office accepts most dental plans, so your overall cost may be lowered by your coverage. We also provide convenient financing and payment options and take credit card payments. Contact us for details.

If the emergency dental office near me isn’t open, should I delay my treatment?

If a serious dental problem occurs when our emergency dentists aren’t available, don’t put your long-term dental wellbeing in jeopardy by postponing essential treatment. Go directly to a hospital emergency room to obtain the care that you need. Our skilled emergency dentists in East Brunswick will be available again once our regular business hours resume.

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