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Good overall health begins with good oral health, both for children and adults. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child visit a children’s dentist when they have one tooth, or no later than their first birthday.

Even when there’s only one tooth, a cavity can begin, particularly for those who take a bottle or sippy cup to bed. If two teeth abut, they should be flossed so that food particles don’t lodge between them.

Many dentists have noticed an upsurge in the incidence of baby bottle tooth decay, which results from putting a child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup that’s filled with milk, formula or juice. These substances contain sugar and acid, and when left on the teeth overnight, can cause erosion of the tooth enamel. Never send your child to bed with either a bottle or a sippy cup unless it contains only plain water that has no sugar or flavoring in it. If you have more questions on this subject or if you have other questions, call Garden State Dental of Newark and we’ll be glad to help you. Dentistry for children is as important as dentistry for adults, so don’t delay in getting your child to a children’s dentist. Call us today.

At What Age Should My Child First Have a Dental Appointment?

If your child has one or more teeth, then they should have their first visit to a children’s dentist. Establishing this habit at an early age helps to prepare them for lifelong good dental habits, and it enables them to be comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Never talk negatively about trips to the dentist because this can encourage fear and apprehension in your child and make them reluctant to go to the dentist.

What’s the Procedure for My Child’s First Dental Visit?

During your child’s first dental visit, your kid’s dentist will examine the condition of their teeth and their jaw alignment. Usually, X-rays aren’t needed, but if they are, then we can take them safely. Your child’s examination can be conducted in the dentist’s chair if your child is comfortable with that. Otherwise, your child can sit on your lap. Our pediatric dentists and hygienists are experts at getting children to open wide for the exam and cleaning, so call Garden State Dental of Newark today if you need to schedule an appointment for your child.

We have several techniques that will keep your child’s beautiful smile at its best, including:


Your child’s good oral health begins with clean and healthy teeth, so be sure to schedule a cleaning for them, particularly if it’s been a while since their last one.

Fluoride treatment

We can apply a topical fluoride treatment to your child’s teeth to inhibit the formation of cavities.

Tooth bonding

If your child has minor cracks or chips in their teeth, we can apply a tooth-colored material to them that will repair and cover the damage.

Tooth sealant

A sealant coats the back of the teeth, which seals them so that bacteria and food don’t become trapped on the back of the teeth.

Tooth fillings

If your child has a cavity, we can fill it with either an amalgam or a tooth-colored substance that will restore functionality to the tooth and eliminate a toothache.

Baby root canal

If your child has decay that has reached the pulpy interior of the tooth, then a baby root canal may be able to save it.

Pediatric crown

If your child needs a filling but the cavity is too large, then we can place a pediatric crown that will restore function to the tooth.


The American Dental Association recommends that any child who is engaged in active sports should wear a mouthguard. Not only will a mouthguard protect against having a tooth knocked out, but it will also protect against having a tooth broken and will lessen the damage of a facial blow. Call our office if your child needs a mouthguard, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.

How Old Will My Child Be When the First Baby Tooth Appears?

Typically, baby teeth begin to appear when the child is between four and six months old. However, each child is different, so your child’s teeth may begin to erupt either earlier or later than this.

How Old Will My Child Be When the First Baby Tooth Falls Out?

Baby teeth usually begin to fall out in the order in which they appeared. Usually, children begin to lose their baby teeth when they are five or six years old and they will continue to lose them until around 10 to 12 years of age. Each child is unique, though, so your child’s teeth may begin to fall out either earlier or later than this.

Why Does My Child Have So Many Toothaches?

If your child has chronic toothaches, then you should take them to the dentist to determine the cause. Although an acute toothache may not signal an infection or other problem, if your child experiences one or more toothaches, then a visit to the dentist can help you learn the cause and alleviate your child’s pain.

If you’ve been looking for a “children’s dentist near me,” you don’t need to search any longer. Garden State Dental of Newark specializes in dentistry for kids and we’d love to be your children’s dentist in Ironbound Newark. Call our office today and let us schedule an appointment with a gentle children’s dentist. We’re among the best in the area for kids’ dental care and we’d love to add you to our dental family.

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