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Our dentist’s mission is to protect our patient’s oral health. We want you have an attractive, healthy smile, which is why we offer a full range of preventative and restorative services ranging from dental exams to treatment for periodontal disease.

Are You Looking for an Office for a Professional Cleaning and a Dental Exam in Ironbound Newark?

We recommend our patients have a routine exam every six months, but if you have not seen a dentist in a while, it isn’t a problem. We can put you at ease and provide the treatment you need to restore your oral health. If it is your first visit to our office, we will ask you about your overall dental health and have you fill out a medical history form. Please bring a list of all the medications you currently take with you.

When you come in for your initial examination, our dentist will check:

  • Your teeth for decay, cracks or other issues
  • Your gum health
  • Your restorations to make sure they still fit tightly
  • Your oral cavity for warning signs of oral cancer
  • Your bite

During your exam, your dentist will explain what he or she is doing. After your exam, your dentist will discuss his or her findings with you. If you need treatment, your dentist will develop a treatment plan and inform you of your options. We like to consider our patients as partners in maintaining their oral health. This is why we make sure to discuss your treatment options with you before creating a plan. We want you to understand our recommendations and the costs associated with each procedure before continuing with your care. If you’re looking for a partner to improve or maintain your oral health, please call our office to arrange your initial appointment.

Who Offers Gum Disease Treatment and Teeth Cleanings?

We have many patients who come to our practice for professional teeth cleanings before their six-month exams. Even though they brush and floss at home, there is always hard-to-reach plaque and built-up tartar that only a professional dental hygienist can reach using special tools. Your hygienist will also polish your teeth with a gritty paste and professionally floss them. If you are considered at high risk for developing cavities, the dentist may suggest a fluoride treatment after your teeth cleaning.

We also offer treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is when your gums become inflamed from plaque and tartar buildup at the gumline. A dental cleaning is a treatment for gingivitis since it removes plaque and tartar at the gumline. If you have gingivitis, you’ll notice your gums appear red and puffy. They could also bleed when you brush your teeth. Gingivitis is reversible, but left untreated it can turn into periodontal disease, requiring periodontal treatment. Periodontitis is an infection which inflames the tissues supporting your teeth. If you don’t seek treatment, your teeth will become lose. Gum disease is the main reason for tooth loss in adults, so we urge you to come in for an appointment if you suspect you have gingivitis.

How Do Dentists Treat Bad Breath?

Everyone has bad breath occasionally from eating certain foods, but some individuals have chronic bad breath. If you always feel your breath is bad, we urge you to call our office and schedule an appointment. Your dentist will check for decay and gum disease, both of which cause bad breath if you don’t have them treated. Most times, poor oral hygiene causes bad breath. Your dentist can suggest products to keep your teeth cleaner and your breath fresher. He or she may suggest you buy an inexpensive tongue scraper to remove odor-causing bacteria from your tongue. Your dentist may also ask you if your mouth is always dry since saliva removes bacteria and food debris. The dentist may suggest you chew sugarless gum to keep the saliva flowing and your breath smelling fresh. You don’t have to keep masking your breath with mints; please call our office today to schedule an appointment.

Why Is My Dentist Screening for Oral Cancer If I Don’t Have Any Risk Factors?

At our office, we screen every patient over the age of 18 during their routine dental exam. While most people with oral cancer use tobacco and/or drink alcohol in excess, human papilloma virus (HPV) based cancers are also on the rise. Some individuals who develop oral cancer don’t have any of the known risk factors. Since oral cancer is such a devastating disease and the five-minute oral cancer screening is painless and non-invasive, we screen everyone with equal vigor. If our dentist spots an abnormality, they will either wait for several weeks to see if there is a change or recommend a biopsy. Our goal is to catch oral cancer in the highly treatable early stages.

For a dental exam in Ironbound Newark at a friendly, comfortable dental office, please call us at (973) 321-3108 to schedule an appointment.

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