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Our dentists are committed to preserving your dental health, and we will take every step necessary to save a damaged tooth. However, there are times where tooth extraction is the only option. This procedure usually is very straightforward and virtually painless for the patient.

What Will a Tooth Extraction Cost?

When a tooth extraction in Ironbound Newark is necessary, many patients have concerns about cost. Our dentist will determine whether the extraction is simple or surgical, which will factor into the cost. Your insurance coverage will also determine your out-of-pocket expenses. Give us a call if you have any questions about tooth extraction pricing, insurance, or our payment options.

When Will I Have to See an Oral Surgeon?

While our dentists can treat most patients who need a tooth pulled, teeth that have not grown through the gum line may need to be extracted by an oral surgeon. If your extraction is complex, our dentists will connect you with an experienced, local oral surgeon.

When is Tooth Removal the Only Option?

Tooth extraction in Ironbound Newark may be required if your tooth is severely decayed, damaged, or affected by advanced gum disease. Teeth are often extracted when large cavities are causing the patient pain. While we prefer to save patients’ teeth, we will extract them when the tooth cannot be restored and is causing discomfort.

Can a Dentist Remove Decayed, Cracked, or Broken Teeth?

Most teeth extractions can be performed in the dentist’s chair with minimal discomfort for the patient. If your tooth is damaged, the dentist will assess the situation and determine if a root canal is possible. If not, the dentist will recommend an extraction. This procedure will relieve any pain you are feeling. The dentist also may go over your options for replacing the missing tooth.

Why Would a Baby Tooth be Pulled?

Our dentists perform extractions on baby teeth when they are blocking the adult tooth from erupting. Baby teeth also may need to be pulled if they are severely decayed or damaged. If your child requires a tooth extraction, give our office a call. Our skilled dentists and staff will help your child feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Does Advanced Gum Disease Cause Extractions?

When gum disease is severe, the ligaments holding the teeth in place are damaged, causing teeth to become loose. If you’re experiencing discomfort due to advanced periodontal disease, contact our practice. An extraction may be necessary to relieve your pain.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

During the late teens or early adulthood years, a third set of molars begin to emerge. Unfortunately, most people do not have jaws large enough to accommodate these teeth. This can lead to infection, damage to the jaw or crowded teeth. Wisdom teeth often can be extracted by a general dentist. However, you may be referred to an oral surgeon if the teeth are severely impacted.

Do Dentists Pull Crowded Teeth?

Having too many adult teeth inside the jaw can cause them to grow in crooked. If your dentist has recommended braces, you may need to have a tooth pulled before orthodontic treatment is provided. This makes room for the teeth to straighten.

How Do I Care for My Teeth After an Extraction?

After getting a tooth pulled, the dentist will outline aftercare instructions for your teeth. Following these instructions ensures that a clot forms where the tooth was pulled and that you heal properly. Do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours following the procedure. If you’re experiencing pain, take any prescribed painkillers as instructed by your dentist.

How Fast Do Extraction Sites Heal?

Following an extraction, you can engage in moderate activities for the first 24 hours. Avoid strenuous exercise, as this can aggravate the extraction site. Most healing is completed within a week, with the exception of molar extractions. If you’ve had oral surgery, the healing process may take longer. Please give us a call if you have questions about the process of tooth extraction healing.

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