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If you have decayed, damaged or missing teeth, our dentists offer high-quality restoration materials. These procedures can help to repair or replace your teeth and restore your smile. If you’re looking for skilled care in Ironbound Newark, our dentists would love to hear from you.

What Are Fillings for Teeth?

A tooth filling is a material a dentist uses to restore a tooth which has a cavity. The material restores the tooth’s shape, appearance and function. Before your dentist places the filling, he or she will clean out the decay and fill the hole with a filling material of your choice. Your dentist will speak with you about the best material considering the size of the cavity, your aesthetic preferences and your budget.

Are Crowns for Teeth and Dental Bridges Restorations?

Both crowns, also called dental caps, and bridges are permanent restorations; a dentist cements them in place and would have to remove them. A tooth crown is a hollow artificial tooth with fits over your natural tooth. It provides strength for a damaged or weakened tooth. A bridge is a replacement for a missing tooth. A tooth bridge has one prosthetic tooth, called a pontic, with a crown on each end. The crowns fit over the two adjoining teeth which provide support for the bridge.

What Type of Dentist Offers Fillings, Bridges and Crowns?

General dentists, such as our dentists, provide restorations, including fillings for teeth, crowns and bridges. Please call our office if you have a decayed, damaged or missing tooth. Our dentist can meet with you to discuss repairing or replacing it for you.

How Much Do Tooth Fillings, Crowns and Tooth Bridges Cost?

Since these restorations are custom made for you, the prices vary significantly. Factors which affect your specific cost include your dental insurance coverage, how difficult the restoration is to place and the quality of the material you select. For example, your tooth filling cost is higher if you choose a porcelain filling over a metal one. During your appointment, your dentist will provide you with a cost estimate for your filling, crown or dental bridge cost.

What Are the Unique Kinds of Tooth Filling Materials?

You can select from a broad range of filling materials; your dentist can help you choose the one that’s best in your situation. Normally, our dentist will offer you silver amalgam, white composite, porcelain or gold dental fillings. Silver amalgam is popular for its affordability and durability. Composite fillings are popular with older teens and adults who don’t want noticeable fillings. Porcelain is the most attractive option as it is virtually invisible. It is ideal when aesthetics is a major concern. Gold fillings are strong and long-lasting and some of our patients find them aesthetically pleasing.

What Are the Different Types of Crowns?

The material you select will play a major role in your dental crown cost. If the crown is visible when you smile, aesthetics will also be a major factor. There are stainless steel crowns which dentists use primarily for children’s baby teeth after a root canal. The crown fall off when the permanent tooth pushes the baby tooth out. For adults, there are porcelain, porcelain-fused-to metal and gold alloy crowns. Porcelain crowns have the most natural appearance as they are translucent like tooth enamel. They’re suitable for front teeth, but too fragile for standing up to the chewing force required of a molar. Porcelain-fused to-metal crowns are ideal for anywhere in the mouth. Gold alloy crowns are strong, and they make excellent crowns for back teeth.

What Are the Different Types of Bridges?

We typically place traditional fixed bridges which have one or more pontics and two crowns. The crowns go over the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. If there is only one healthy tooth to support the bridge, our dentist will possibly suggest a cantilever bridge if the missing tooth is in the mouth’s front. There are also implant-supported bridges which don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support.

What’s the Tooth Crown Procedure?

It takes two appointments to get a crown. During your initial visit, your dentist prepares your tooth by filing it down so the crown won’t stand out from your other teeth. Also, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth. The dental lab will start making your crown when they get the impression, so you’ll leave our office with a temporary crown. When you return for your second appointment, your dentist will ensure the crown fits correctly and then cement it in place.

What’s the Tooth Bridge Procedure?

Your first visit consists of preparing the abutment teeth for crowns. Once they’re shaped, your dentist will make an impression so the dental lab can create a custom-made bridge for you. You’ll leave with a temporary bridge to protect the abutment teeth. Once the dental lab finishes your bridge, you’ll return to our office. Your dentist will confirm your bridge fits correctly before cementing it on.

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