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A healthy, attractive set of teeth is a valuable asset. With a great dental hygiene routine and a little help from your general or family dentist, you can keep your gorgeous smile throughout your life.

The Purpose of a General Dentist

A general dentist is a primary dental care provider who focuses on overall dental health rather than any specialized form of dentistry. Regardless of your age, your primary dentist can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums through a variety of tests, treatments and procedures.

What Does My General Dentist Do?

A general family dentistry provider examines your teeth and gums regularly to make sure that there are no signs of disease or malfunction. He or she will also clean your teeth, help you perfect your oral hygiene routine and diagnose and treat any developing dental conditions. If you develop symptoms or sustain dental injuries, your dentist will treat the underlying problems and restore your dental health.

Our Available General Dentistry Services

General dentistry services include many procedures and tests that maintain and restore dental health to people of all ages. Our available services are listed below.

How Frequently Should I Visit a Dentist?

Most healthy patients should schedule a general dental office appointment every six months. Those with existing dental problems or medical conditions that affect oral health may need to visit the dentist more often. If you’re not sure how often you should visit, ask your dentist.

What Does It Cost to See the Dentist?

Your overall appointment cost will depend on what type of dental procedures and tests you need and whether you have dental insurance coverage. Contact our dental office for more information about the cost of an upcoming appointment.

How Can I Schedule a Visit With a General Dentist Near Me?

Scheduling your first visit is easy; call our office and we’ll find a time and date that works with your schedule.

How Long Should My Dentist General Practice Appointment Last?

If you’re only having a brief checkup, your visit may only last 30 minutes to an hour. Procedures to repair teeth or treat dental disease may require longer visits. To determine how long your appointment will last, contact our dental office for more information.

Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Appointment

Keep the following tips in mind when preparing for your visit.

  • Be punctual. Arrive early or on time.
  • Bring along your medical information, including a list of all medicines and supplements that you’re currently taking.
  • Be sure to also bring your insurance information.
  • If you suffer from anxiety when visiting the dentist, inform our staff so that we can take extra measures to make your visit more comfortable.

What Happens to Your Teeth When You Don’t See Your Dentist?

If you never see your dentist or wait too long between checkups, you may suffer painful symptoms and require treatments for gum disease or tooth decay that would have been unnecessary if the problems had been detected in their earlier stages. Keeping your regular dental appointments can save you from pain and costly, invasive dental procedures later in life. It can also increase your chances of maintaining your natural teeth well into your senior years. Contact us today to ensure that your future smile is healthy and bright.

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