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Many people experience dental anxiety and have a fear of visiting the dentist. Although it’s a common fear, it can prevent you from receiving the dental care you really need. If you’re struggling with feeling comfortable at the dentist’s office and are unable to relax, find out more about our gentle sedation dentistry in Ironbound Newark. With this service, you can enjoy a stress-free dental experience while receiving top-notch care.

What to Know About Sedation Dentistry

Sleep dentistry, also referred to as sedation dentistry, is a term used to describe the methods your dentist can use to help you feel more comfortable while receiving dental care. Laughing gas, IV sedation dentistry, and oral sedation dentistry are a few of the most common dental sedation treatments. While under dental sedation, you’ll still be awake and able to interact with your dentist, unless you’re receiving general anesthesia. Sedation for dental treatment can be used for routine and complex dental treatments, from teeth cleanings to oral surgery.

Sedation Dentistry Cost Expectations

Just like any other dental treatment, your sedation dentistry cost will be variable and depend on your unique needs. We offer affordable sleep dentistry options, and our office’s financing plans can help you fit the cost of dental sedation into your budget. Call our office today to make an appointment.

Is Dental Sedation Right For You?

Our patients choose dental sedation for a variety of reasons. If you have a low pain tolerance or a sensitive mouth, dental sedation may be right for you. Sedation is also very helpful in reducing dental anxiety, helping you to completely relax during your appointment. Call our office to learn more about whether getting sedation dentistry in Ironbound Newark is right for you.

Sleep Dentistry Varieties

There are several forms of sedation dentistry:

Nitrous oxide: Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the mildest form of dental sedation. With this treatment option, a small mask will be placed over your nose, and you will breathe in a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. The gas will help you relax quickly, although you’ll remain awake during your procedure.

Oral sedation dentistry: With oral sedation, you’ll take a prescribed medication on the day of your appointment. The most commonly prescribed medication is called Halcion (similar to Valium). The medication will make you feel drowsy, and although it’s not uncommon to fall asleep, most patients remain awake when receiving oral sedation.

IV sedation dentistry: When you receive IV sedation, the medication is administered into a vein, which allows the medication to quickly get into your bloodstream. This form of dental sedation induces a state of deep relaxation, and the dentist can control your sedation level throughout the procedure.

Deep sedation: During deep sedation, you’ll receive intravenous medication to help you relax and fall into a state of deep sleep. Deep sedation is similar to general anesthesia, and you’ll be unconscious while you undergo treatment. This method is recommended for patients who need dental surgery.

To ensure that all of our patients remain comfortable during their dental procedures, our dentists will review the options with you and help you decide the best way to proceed for your treatment plan.

Are There Advantages to Sleep Dentistry?

The primary advantage of dental sedation is that it’s a proven method that eliminates the stress and anxiety many people experience when visiting the dentist. Another benefit is that sedation can reduce your gag reflex, ensuring that you will feel comfortable during your appointment. Dental sedation also helps to minimize pain during your dental procedure, and it can also help patients who have a fear of needles feel more relaxed during their appointment. In many cases, sedation dentistry can help dentists work more quickly, which will enable you to spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Can Dental Sedation Be Covered by Insurance?

Unless sedation is deemed medically necessary, such as a procedure requiring anesthesia, many insurance companies will not cover dental sedation because they consider it an elective treatment. Check with your provider to see if your plan includes sedation dentistry insurance.

Can You Drive Home After Receiving Dental Sedation?

Whether it’s safe for you to drive home after receiving sedation for dental treatment depends on the sedation method you receive. Nitrous oxide is the mildest form of sedation, and since its effects wear off very quickly, most patients are able to drive home after their appointment. Unlike nitrous oxide, the effects of oral sedation and IV sedation dentistry can take many hours to completely wear off, so you’ll need to arrange transportation with a friend or family member after receiving this stronger sedation.

Our experts in sedation dentistry in Ironbound Newark have helped countless people feel relaxed and comfortable at our office. With a variety of sedation options available, we can customize a plan that allows you to completely relax during your procedure. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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