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We want our adult patients to keep their natural teeth for life. If our dentist advises you to get a tooth extraction, it’s because it’s best for your oral health. He or she will explain the reason for the extraction and how the process works. You can count on us to make sure you’re comfortable during the quick procedure by ensuring your tooth and gum are numb.

How Much Do Teeth Extractions Usually Cost?

We base your tooth extraction cost on whether you need a dental or surgical extraction, the tooth’s condition, and how difficult the tooth will be to remove. If you have dental insurance, you likely have coverage for extractions. We accept most major dental insurance plans. Please call us if you have questions about your payment options.

What Are Surgical Tooth Extractions?

With dental extractions, dentists loosen the tooth and then pull it out with forceps. If the tooth is under your gum or broken off at the gum line, a dentist or oral surgeon will have to perform a surgical extraction by cutting into your gum and extracting the tooth. He or she will close the incision with stitches afterward.

When Would an Extraction Be My Only Choice?

If you have a badly infected tooth which our dentist can’t save, he or she will pull the tooth. It stops the infection from spreading and also stops your pain. We always try to preserve your natural teeth, but there are times when our dentist will need to pull a tooth to preserve your oral health.

Can I Have a Tooth With Severe Decay or Trauma Pulled?

If the damage or decay reaches the pulp inside of the tooth, and a root canal isn’t possible, our dentist can pull the tooth to relieve your pain. If you have a tooth with severe decay or trauma, please contact our office to make an appointment.

Why Would a Child Need a Baby Tooth Pulled?

There are several reasons a dentist would suggest a baby tooth extraction. Our dentist will pull a severely decayed baby tooth since it can cause abscesses, swelling, and agonizing pain. Our dentist may also extract a broken tooth, rather than repair it, if the permanent tooth will emerge soon.

Do I Need a Tooth Pulled If it’s Loose from Gum Disease?

Our dentist can pull painful or loose teeth where advanced gum disease has destroyed the support structure, such as the periodontal ligaments and bone holding the tooth in place. If it’s possible to save your teeth, our dentist will let you know about your options, but if the teeth can’t be saved, our dentist will pull them for you. It’s always safer to have the tooth removed by a dentist to reduce the chance of infection spreading throughout your mouth.

Why Do So Many People Need Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Nine out of every 10 teens and young adults need their wisdom teeth extracted according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. People don’t need a third set of molars and if their jaw can’t accommodate them, the molars become stuck inside the gums, causing pain and uncomfortable pressure. Sometimes, wisdom teeth come in at an odd angle and push against existing molars. If you’re experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, we urge you to contact our office and schedule an appointment to speak with our dentist about the issues you are having.

Will Dentists Pull Teeth Which Make My Mouth Too Crowded?

Dentists often pull teeth to prepare patients for orthodontic work or simply to relieve overcrowding. While dentists don’t like to pull healthy teeth, pulling some can proactively correct a bad bite and prevent future problems. Removing teeth allows the remaining teeth to straighten out.

What Are the Tooth Removal Healing Instructions?

After you have a tooth extraction, your dentist will go over your aftercare instructions with you to ensure you understand them. If you do not follow certain instructions, such as not drinking through a straw in the first few days, you can dislodge the blood clot forming at the site. This can cause a very painful condition called dry socket. Your dentist may also suggest rinsing with warm salt water several times a day.

What’s the Normal Tooth Extraction Healing Time?

Most patients want to know how long they need to take off school or work after getting a tooth pulled. Normally, you can go back to work in a day or two or as your dentist advises, depending on whether your work involves strenuous activity. With normal dental extractions, the site should heal in about a week to 10 days. As a rule, the larger the hole left by the missing tooth, the longer the site will take to heal.

If you need an affordable tooth extraction in Roselle Park, call our dental practice at (908) 279-0621 to schedule your exam.

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