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Children need good oral health as well as good physical health, so it’s as important to take your child to the dentist as it is to take them to the pediatrician.

A pediatric dentist is one who specializes in dentistry for children, and we have several children’s dentists at our Toms River office. If you need a good pediatric dentist, then call Garden State Dental of Toms River and schedule an appointment.

A pediatric dentist has received a general dentistry education and has also completed a minimum of two additional years of training in the field of pediatric dentistry. Our compassionate children’s dentists will do their utmost to put you and your child at ease during your visit and will provide you with methods for training your child to develop healthy dietary and oral hygiene habits. At Garden State Dental of Toms River, we specialize in the dental needs of our very young patients, and several of our locations have pediatric dentists on staff.

When Should My Child See a Children’s Dentist?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should begin dental visits as soon as a tooth fully erupts. If a child has one tooth, they can develop a cavity, and if two teeth abut, the child should begin flossing. Dentists throughout the nation have seen a rise in baby bottle tooth decay, which is the result of putting a child to bed with a sippy cup or bottle that contains either juice or milk. Never put your child to bed with either a sippy cup or a bottle. Not only do juice and milk encourage the onset of decay when left on the teeth overnight, but they can also cause the tooth enamel to deteriorate. If you must send your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup, be sure that it contains only clear water that has no sugar or flavorings.

What Will Happen During My Child’s First Dental Visit?

During your child’s first dental visit, your children’s dentist will examine their jaw alignment and their teeth for any obvious signs of decay or misalignment. If your child is comfortable sitting in the dentist’s chair, then the exam will be conducted there. If not, the child can remain seated in your lap. Usually, children don’t require X-rays, but if they do, we can accommodate that. We’ll ensure that your child’s teeth are clean and bright, and we have several methods for that, including:

  • Dental Cleaning: Our kids’ dentist and the hygienist are experts at getting young patients to open wide for a dental cleaning.
  • Tooth Sealants: Sealants inhibit decay by placing a thin plastic film on the teeth to inhibit the deposit of food particles and bacteria.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter and it absorbs into the tooth enamel so the teeth are less likely to develop decay.
  • Bonding: Chips and small cracks can become invisible with the use of tooth-colored materials.
  • Tooth Fillings: If your child has developed a cavity, the dentist can repair it with either an amalgam or a tooth-colored filling.
  • Pediatric Crowns: If your child needs a filling that’s too large to be feasible or if your child has had a root canal, a dental crown can restore the tooth.
  • Baby Root Canal: If your child has constant toothaches, they may need a baby root canal. If decay has reached the pulpy interior of the tooth, it can cause severe pain, so a baby root canal can alleviate your child’s pain.
  • Mouthguards: All children who participate in athletics should wear a mouthguard, according to the American Dental Association. Whether it’s football, boxing, ice skating or gymnastics, a mouthguard provides substantial protection for a child’s teeth, making them less likely to have a tooth broken, knocked out or knocked loose.

If you have questions or if your child needs a mouthguard, then call our office and let us help you.

At What Age Do Baby Teeth Appear?

Usually, baby teeth begin to appear around the age of four to six months, although some children may be younger or older.

When Do Baby Teeth Come Out?

Baby teeth start to fall out around the ages of five or six and can continue until the child is 10 to 12 years old. Each child is unique in both the onset of baby teeth and the age at which they fall out. Usually, teeth will fall out in the order in which they appeared.

What Causes My Child to Have Toothaches?

Toothaches are usually caused by decay that has reached the soft pulp in the center of the tooth because that’s where the nerves are located. If your child experiences frequent toothaches, then they should see a children’s dentist without delay.

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Toms River, call our office today. We specialize in dentistry for kids, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our kids’ dental care. We’re among the best in the area for pediatric dentistry, so if you’ve been seeking a recommendation for a “children’s dentist near me,” then your search has ended. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with an experienced children’s dentist. We look forward to speaking with you and working with your child.

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