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Is Oral Surgery the Same as Dental Surgery?

Both surgeries are general terms for oral and maxillofacial surgery, which is a specialty area of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, defects, and injuries to the face and jaw. Oral surgery is surgery inside the mouth, usually on the teeth and gums. Maxillofacial surgery is on the face and jaw, and surgery to correct structural irregularities is called orthognathic surgery.

If you need oral maxillofacial surgery in Northern New Jersey and you’ve been wondering, “Who offers exceptional dental surgery near me?”, you’ve found the right place. Call our office and we’ll schedule a convenient appointment for you.

Why Would I Need the Services of an Oral Surgeon?

Anytime you have a dental issue that’s beyond the purview of your general dentist, you may need to undergo oral surgery in Northern New Jersey. The following are the most commonly performed procedures in our office:

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth usually appear after the age of 18. Unfortunately, by that time there may not be room for the third set of molars, so they might need to be extracted. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, but if you do, we can help. Reasons for wisdom tooth extraction include:

  • Insufficient room in the jaw for them to fully erupt.
  • Damage to the surrounding jaw or other teeth caused by the wisdom teeth.
  • Improper wisdom tooth alignment.

Factors that will influence the cost of extracting your wisdom teeth include the number of teeth to be extracted, the complexity of each extraction, and the type and amount of sedation to be used. Call our Northern New Jersey office for more information about wisdom tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions

At times, a tooth will be infected, damaged or decayed beyond our ability to repair it, so you could need a tooth extraction. We also might need to extract a tooth if it’s causing misalignment of the other teeth or prohibiting the eruption of an incoming tooth. The cost for this type of extraction will depend on the type and location of the tooth, as well as the complexity of the procedure and the anesthetic used.

Dental implants

If you’re missing a tooth, you’ll probably need an implant. A full set of teeth will ensure that both your jaw and your teeth remain in proper alignment. Otherwise, your remaining teeth will begin to lean forward, you’ll lose structural integrity in your jaw, your facial features may become distorted, and you could develop wrinkles around your mouth.

Oral cancer screening and diagnosis

Although oral cancer is often associated with smoking, there are other reasons why you might develop it. The rate of oral cancer is rising and professionals recommend that you get an oral cancer screening as a precautionary measure. Even though it’s a frightening prospect, the prognosis for oral cancer is best when it’s detected early, so call our office to schedule an appointment for your oral cancer screening in Northern New Jersey.

Oral cancer treatment

Our highly skilled dentists perform oral cancer treatments, but if you’re diagnosed with it, you may also be seeing other types of healthcare professionals. Treatment protocols for oral cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and more. Remember, the prognosis is best when oral cancer is caught early, so call our office today to set up your screening.

Pre-orthodontic surgery

Pre-orthodontic surgery is oral surgery that’s performed before beginning orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, it’s needed if there are one or more teeth that need to be removed or to expose teeth that haven’t fully erupted. Orthognathic and orthodontic jaw surgery are types of jaw surgeries that may require the patient to wear braces for several months before the procedure. The cost of any type of jaw surgery is unique to the individual, but you’ll be provided with an estimate during your initial visit to our Northern New Jersey office.

Pre-prosthetic surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery may be required before a prosthetic device or prosthetic teeth are installed. This will ensure that the devices fit properly and are comfortable. Procedures that may be involved include extractions, a bone graft, a gum graft or removal of tori, which are hard, bony lumps on the gums. If you’ve experienced serious injury or disease in the area of the TMJ, then it’s possible that you could need prosthetic surgery and a prosthetic jaw.

TMJ and TMD treatment

TMJ is an acronym for temporomandibular joint, which is the small joint that connects your jaw to your skull. TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder, which occurs when there’s an issue with the joint. If you have TMJ or TMD, you have several treatment options, some of which are non-surgical. The treatment options include changes in your lifestyle, medications, and physical therapy. Often, bruxism, which is grinding your teeth at night, causes TMD, so you may be treated for bruxism. Jaw pain therapies may also be effective in treating a TMJ disorder. The following symptoms can indicate that you have TMD:

  • A clicking sound when opening and closing your jaw
  • Chronic earaches
  • Chronic headaches
  • Problems with opening and closing your jaw
  • Jaw pain

People often erroneously refer to TMD as lockjaw. However, lockjaw is caused by tetanus and can be life-threatening if not quickly treated by a medical doctor.

Do I Have to Be Referred to Schedule a Consultation with an Oral Surgeon?

Although many of our patients are referred by their general dentist, it isn’t necessary to have a referral to schedule a consultation. If you’ve been asking, “Who offers the best dental surgery near me?”, then schedule an appointment at our Northern New Jersey office. We’d love to add you to our dental family, so call us today.

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